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Wed, Oct. 3: Voter ID Delayed

Air date 10/03/12

The federal government wants Mississippi to offer more evidence to show that the state's new voter I-D law is not discriminatory.  Joining us with more on what evidence is needed, and how this will effect November's election, is MPB's Jeffrey Hess.

Tonight the two major candidates for President will square off in the first of three televised debates. But how do these well-rehearsed, heavily-scripted events effect undecided voters today? Joining us is Dr. Michael Henderson, assistant professor of political science at the University of Mississippi.

Many experts point to age 5 as a benchmark age for children to be prepared for the rest of life. Excel By 5 is a Mississippi-based program that helps communities get kids ready for that crucial age mentally, emotionally and physically. Nadine Coleman will become Excel By 5's president today. She tells MPB's Ezra Wall Why that first year of school - kindergarten -  is so important.

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