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Tue, Oct. 2: Hospital Funding

Air date 10/02/12

1 - At the end of September, two mechanisms for funding rural hospitals expired. The Medicare-dependent hospital designation - or MDH - and the low-volume hospital adjustment - or LVH. If congress does not renew the funding, it could cost Mississippi's rural hospitals some $19 million a year.  Mendal Kemp is director of the Center for Rural Health at the Mississippi Hospital Association. He tells MPB's Ezra Wall what the cuts could mean for Mississippi.

2 - The U.S. Marshalls sent to ensure the safety of the University of Mississippi’s first black student are recounting their days of protecting James Meredith.  Fifty years ago, the marshals were greeted by bottles, Molotov cocktails and guns.  This time the reception in Oxford was much friendlier.  Yesterday, as MPB’s Sandra Knispel reports, a group of them were back on the Ole Miss campus for a panel discussion.

3 - The Education department of Mississippi Public Broadcasting have joined forces with Mississippi State University and the Mississippi Alliance for Arts Education in an effort to get kids reading. Read for the Record is a program started by Jumpstart - an early childhood educational organization. The goal is to get volunteers to read to preschool-age children this week. Karen Domerski is with Jumpstart. She tells us more about the program.

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