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Thurs, Sept. 27: Child Obesity

Air date 09/27/12

1 - The White House said Wednesday that President Barack Obama considers the deadly assault on the U.S. consulate in Libya a terrorist attack, a term the President had previously avoided using specifically.  The continuing violence and political unrest has Syfian Tuwahni worried about his home country. Tuwahni is a student at Jackson State University, and a business owner. He tells MPB's Daniel Cherry recent events and last year's uprising have cost his family dearly.

2 - In 1968, barely six years after James Meredith had graduated, Don Cole arrived on the Ole Miss campus. He thought that by then the University would be fully integrated. But he and other black students were in for a rude awakening. MPB's Sandra Knispel spoke with him about being a black student on campus some 44 years ago, and what made him return in 1977 to get his PhD at the same university that had treated him so badly eight years earlier.

3 - According to the Robert Wood Johnson foundation's "F is for Fat Report," Mississippi could lead the country in obesity rates for the next two decades or more. Even more troubling is not the lack of physical and nutritional care we adults do for ourselves, but the bad health habits we pass on to our children.  Dr. Mehul Dixit with the University of Mississippi Medical Center says the younger we teach our kids about healthy food, the better.

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