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Mon, August 20: Rep. Nunnelee

Air date 08/20/12

Republicans will meet today and tomorrow in Tampa, Florida, to work on a platform ahead of the GOP national convention next week.  The Democratic platform committee met earlier this month and approved a platform that for the first time includes an endorsement of same-sex marriage.
Mississippi First District Congressman Alan Nunnelee will be attending the Republican Convention.  He says he's pleased with the Republican ticket.

After years of turmoil, mass layoffs, and plant closures, the national furniture industry seems to have stopped hemorrhaging. Yesterday the sami-annual Tupelo Furniture Market closed its gates with more exhibitors than in the last ten years and industry experts say a slow turnaround has begun. MPB's Sandra Knispel spoke at the trade show in Tupelo with Ray Allegrezza, editor in chief of the trade publication "Furniture Today", about what this trend means for Mississippi's furniture industry.

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