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Wed, August 15: Fattest Again

Air date 08/15/12

1 - The Centers for Disease Control have once again placed Mississippi at the top of the list of the country's most obese states. At the bottom of the list? Colorado. So we sent our Jeff Hess to Colorado - via telephone anyway - to see what is working in that state. He spoke with Eric Aakko, the obesity coordinator for Colorado's Department of Health.

2 - Beetle Mania is back - and not in a good way. An outbreak of southern pine beetles is impacting hundreds of Southwestern Mississippi pine trees.  Forestry officials have found more than 500 beetle hotspots in the Homochitto national forest. Mississippi State University Forest Entomologist Dr. John Riggins tells MPB's Jeffrey Hess it is unknown why the beetles were gone so long or why they are back.

3 - The pre-season version of MPB's Top 25 High School Football Poll is out. With that, it's officially football season! As MPB' Jay White and Ezra Wall talked about this week's poll, Jay compares it with some other polls in the state. View this week's poll.

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