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Tues, August 14: Dorothy Moore

Air date 08/14/12

A group of more than 200 young adult volunteers from around the country are now training in Vicksburg to respond to disasters nationwide. The volunteers, all 18-to-24 years old, are joining a new program called FEMA Corps.

For 25 years the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science has been challenging some of Mississippi's best and brightest during the last two years of their high school experience. The Columbus-based school draws students from all over the state. Joining us with more are Jordan Houry, a MSMS student, and Wade Leonard, a spokesperson for the school. Leonard starts by talking about the school's beginnings 25 years ago.

In 1976 a teenaged Dorothy Moore released what would become her signature song, Misty Blue. All these years and many albums and accolades later, she's still making music. Her latest effort is called Blues Heart. Moore joins us, and talks about the earlier days of her musical journey.

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