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Mon, August 6: New West Nile

Air date 08/06/12

The Mississippi Department of Health is warning residents West Nile Virus is on the rise in the state. Officials reported 14 new cases last week. The most current reported cases come from ten different counties, including Hinds, Rankin, Madison, and Lauderdale. Dr. Paul Byers is acting state Epidemiologist with the Mississippi Department of Health. He tells MPB's Daniel Cherry, although the number of cases may be growing, there's no common denominator joining them.

A study on possible effects of the 2010 BP oil spill indicates dispersants may have killed some of the ocean's tiniest plants and creatures, disrupting the food chain in the Gulf of Mexico. Dr. Alice Ortman of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab is the study's lead researcher. She's quick to point out that her work is a laboratory study, and is not conclusive. Still, her findings could mean that the chemical dispersant Corexit had a larger impact on the food chain than the oil itself. She spoke with MPB's Rhonda Miller.

The 1972 Olympic Summer games were overshadowed by the tragic massacre of 5 Israeli athletes and six coaches. But before the tragedy was a moment of triumph for Dave Wottle, gold medalist in the men's 800 meter race. Wottle is living in Mississippi, working as a college administrator. But he spoke to MPB's Ezra Wall about that day 40 years ago. As promised: Here's VIDEO of Dave's race (with the hat!).

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