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Wednesday, May 30: Hurricane Season

Air date 05/30/12

With Hurricane season officially beginning this week, Emergency officials in Mississippi are warning residents that now is the time to prepare for a hurricane. Later today, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency will host a statewide hurricane simulation. That will allow state agencies to rehearse what to do if a storm does strike the state this year. MPB's Jeffrey Hess spoke to MEMA director Robert Latham, who says there's more to hurricane season than a good forecast.

Also, currently back in Mississippi to visit with constituents, Republican Congressman Alan Nunnelee spoke with MPB in a wide-ranging interview about the looming budget debate in Washington, tensions in the Middle East, the specter of a nuclear Iran, and the politics over same-sex marriage. He spoke with MPB's Sandra Knispel.

Then, a new study finds that African-American boys are more likely than any other group to engage in self-harm,  the practice of intentionally injuring one's self as an emotional coping mechanism. Dr. Kim Gratz of the University of Mississippi Medical Center conducted the study. She spoke with MPB's Ezra Wall about her findings, and about how families can deal with the fear and sadness that often accompany self-harm.

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