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Tuesday, May 29: Students in cuffs

Air date 05/29/12

The Jackson Public School system and the Southern Poverty Law Center have reached a settlement. The agreement comes after the SPLC accused JPS of mistreating some students at an alternative school by handcuffing them to fixed objects. Jodi Owens is director of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Mississippi office. He spoke with MPB's Ezra Wall.

Next, the school board for Mississippi's second-largest school district is making some changes. Parents and students first became concerned when information started to trickle out about a controversial reorganization. The organization would close at least one successful school, sending those students to several different less high performing schools. Then, the Jackson Public School board approved the elimination of 88 staff positions due to low funding. Eric Stringfellow joined us. In addition to being a long time journalist and journalism professor, he is an advisor to the Jackson Public Schools on the reorganization.

Also, starting this year, Mississippi educators will screen every kindergartner and first-grader for signs of dyslexia. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that the reading disorder is one of the main factors that eventually causes a student to drop out.

Then, when novelist and songwriter Alice Randall turned 50, she came to terms with weight in modern society.

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