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Monday, May 28: Memorial Day

Air date 05/28/12

Segment 1: Among several bills signed into law last week by Governor Phil Bryant is one providing a veteran's designation on state IDs. Dr. Tom Logue, a veteran of the Korean war and the veterans affairs officer for Madison County, was instrumental in getting the bill passed. He talked with us about why it's important to honor those who have served.

Segment 2: Pine Belt residents have a unique opportunity to see and hear the stories of Mississippi's African-American service members. The African-American Military History Museum is housed in the last surviving USO club built during segregation for black soldiers. Shelia Varnado is president of the African-American Military History Museum Committee in Hattiesburg.

Segment 3: Across America, Memorial Day signifies the unofficial beginning of Summer. Many of us will spend the next many months bent over a hot fire of some kind in the back yard grilling, smoking and barbecuing. Chef Nick Wallace is the Executive Chef at the King Edward Grill at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Jackson. He shares some tips for the outdoor cook. He also talks about how his Grandmother first got him interested in food.

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