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Thursday, May 24: Lawyers, Money

Air date 05/24/12

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood is calling a new law that takes July first unconstitutional.  The law, signed by the Governor, requires the Attorney General to appoint outside lawyers if he declines to represent an agency or elected official, or if there is a "significant disagreement" with an agency head or official. Attorney General Jim Hood spoke to us. He says he opposes the bill because it complicates how the state handles its legal business.

Then, inner city schools are tough places. In Jackson, 60% of kids make it out with a diploma. Far fewer leave ready for college work. But on occasion, a teacher can nurture a science scholar or even get a whole class to geek-out on grammar. In our continuing Southern Education Desk series, "Good Teaching," MPB's Annie Gilbertson profiles a young teacher struggling, and sometimes succeeding, to share his love for Latin -  the so-called dead language - with intercity teens.

In addition, we have the business break with Nancy Anderson and Kristena Gaylor.

Also, Will Allen is a farmer now, but he wasn't always. A former professional basketball player, he was the first African American Athlete at the University of Miami. He spent a number of years in corporate leadership, too. In his new book,  "The Good Food Revolution," he talks about how he got Back to his roots...literally.


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