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Wednesday, May 23:Gay Rights Activists

Air date 05/23/12

Segment 1: Advocates for same-sex marriage are asking the state to allow non-binding same-sex commitment ceremonies at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum in Jackson. The activists left a petition in support of their cause with 1,300 signatures at the museum yesterday. The petition's author is Clay Curry. Click HERE to view the petition.

Segment 2: Studies estimate that a third of novice teachers quit in the first five years. Many say their training didn't prepare them for the classroom. In Rome, Georgia, a program for high school students who aspire to be teachers is exposing them to the rigors of leading a class full of students now, even before they enroll in a college education program.  In part three of our series on good teaching, the Southern Education Desk's Maura Walz reports on a program that's helping prepare a new generation of potential teachers for success.

Segment 3: Catholic leaders in Mississippi are warning that a rule in the health care overhaul law could force them to drop their non-profit services. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports the threats are part of the Bishop's campaign against a rule requiring insurance companies to offer contraceptive services for free.

Segment 4: EcoCar Two is a three-year competition between student teams from across the country. The goal is to create new, environmentally friendly vehicles. Tom Godette is an Engineering graduate student at Mississippi State University. He's a veteran of the EcoCar One competition as well. He joins us now, and talks about EcoCar Two.

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