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Tuesday, May 22: Good Teacher

Air date 05/22/12

Ten Catholic groups in Mississippi are suing the Obama administration over a mandate that most employers provide birth control coverage as part of health insurance plans. Roman Catholic groups across the nation filed 12 lawsuits Monday. One of those was filed in federal court in the southern half of Mississippi representing Dioceses in Biloxi and Jackson. Shirley Henderson is a spokesperson for the Biloxi Diocese.

Then, every parent wants a good teacher for their child. All across the South, states are creating policies to make that happen. Tennessee is using new teacher evaluations. In the first part of a series on what makes good teaching, the Southern Education Desk's Christine Jessel travels back in time for a personal look at the question at the heart of these controversial evaluations:  What does a good teacher look like?

Also, Mississippi has the highest pre-term birthrate in the nation, and state health officials hope to cut into that number. The Mississippi Department of Health is partnering with the Mississippi March of Dimes to lower the state's pre-term births to 16.6% from 18%. Dina Ray is the Director of the Mississippi March of Dimes.  She tells MPB's Daniel Cherry why it's so important to increase the number of full-term pregnancies.

Whether you're looking for a new job, or looking to get promoted at your curren job, it's important to know how to show your best side. So we've enlisted the help of Career Coach Sherri Davis-Garner. She starts by talking to us about what to look for in a potential new job.

Also, the campaign Ready To Run talks about Mississippi women running for elected officers.

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