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Friday, May 11: Wilco's Pat Sansone

Air date 05/11/12

Mental health is important at every stage in life. A child's mental health can affect their mood and behavior and the way they think and feel about themselves. For transition-aged kids with mental illnesses, the normal challenges of facing adult life can be even more daunting. Joe Maury is director of the Mississippi Transitional Outreach Project, and joins us.

Then, the relationship between mom's and their children is a special one, even long after the kids grow up. That relationship is what Story Corps' Dave Isay hopes to capture in the book "Mom." Isay tells MPB's Ezra Wall about the book, now available in paperback.

Also, Pat Sansone is a Meridian native. He's an accomplished musician and producer, and he'll be in Mississippi this weekend with his band, Wilco. Pat joined us to talk about the band and his music. He says there's a lot of though that goes into playing the same music night after night.

Plus, Anita Modak-Truran talks to us about the weekend box office.

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