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Wednesday, May 9: Hosemann on DOJ

Air date 05/09/12

Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann is calling for disciplinary action against a U.S. Department of Justice employee for comments made on Facebook. Reportedly, Stephanie Gyamfi (Gee-amfi), a DOJ Employee within the voting rights division called Mississippi "disgusting and shameful". Secretary of State Hosemann is concerned this shows a bias within the DOJ.
Derrick Johnson and Carrol Rhodes are officials with the Mississippi NAACP. They spoke with MPB's Daniel Cherry. First, Rhodes says Hosemann was incorrect to compare Mississippi to other states with Voter ID laws.

Then, this year BP granted an additional 16-million dollars to be spent on promoting tourism to Mississippi's gulf coast. The tourism industry is one of those hard-hit by the 20-10 oil spill. John McFarland is chairman of the Gulf Coast Regional Tourism Partnership - the organization that is overseeing the grant. He talks to MPB's Rhonda Miller about just how the money is being spent.

Also, with the new redistricting lines finally drawn to match the demographic data from the last census, the maps are now ready for review at the U.S. Department of Justice. MPB's Sandra Knispel spoke with Jonathan Winburn, assistant professor of political science at the University of Mississippi. Dr. Winburn talks about the results and what the redistricting means for both parties.

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