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Thursday, May 3: MS Innocence

Air date 05/03/12

The Jackson Public School system is currently in the middle of hiring a new superintendent and they're at risk of the state education department revoking their accreditation status. Now, officials are releasing a plan to rezone the district. Interim Superintendent Dr. Jayne Sargent says even with all these major issues, she wanted to rezone before the new superintendent takes over. Sargent spoke with MPB's Daniel Cherry.

Then, the Business Break looks at how nurse practitioners are helping to grow Mississippi's health economy.

Levon Brooks and Kennedy Brewer spent a combined 30 years in prison, each having been convicted of a separate murder. The trouble was, neither man was guilty. Joe York's new film, Mississippi Innocence, documents the journey through the legal system that eventually led to Brooks and Brewer being exonerated. York joins us now to talk about the film, and innocence in Mississippi.

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