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Wednesday, May 2: Post Bin Laden

Air date 05/02/12

President Barack Obama is declaring that the defeat of the terrorists who attacked the U.S. on September 11th, 2001, is finally "within reach."
The President addressed America from Afghanistan yesterday evning. He says the tide of the war and U.S. forces have devastated al-Qaida's leadership. He singled out the U.S. troops that launched the operation one year ago that killed Osama bin Laden.
Joining us with some analysis of the situation in Afghanistan is Dr. Michael Reinhard, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Millsaps College in Jackson.

Mission Readiness, an organization of retired military leaders advocating education improvement across the nation, is calling on state officials to provide a early childhood education system. Mission Readiness says in Mississippi, more than one third of high school graduates who attempt to enlist, cannot pass the skills exam.
Claiborne Barksdale appeared with Mission Readiness yesterday. He's CEO of the Barksdale Reading Institute. Barksdale spoke to MPB's Daniel Cherry about early childhood education in Mississippi.

Sports fans often fantasize among each other about how great it would be for an entire radio station to be dedicated exclusively to their favorite team. But running a radio station is an expensive operation. Enter Keith Jasper. As technology changes and internet radio becomes more popular, Keith and his company - V Sporto Network -   have started online, 24-hour-a-day stations for both Mississippi State sports and Ole Miss sport. Jasper spoke with MPB's Jay White.

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