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Thurs. April 19: Income Gap

Air date 04/19/12

The gap between men's and women's wages has narrowed since the passing of the Equal Pay Act in 1963. But Mississippi's women still earn substantially less than their male counterparts. Joining us to talk about that trend, and how Mississippi compares with other states, is Sarah Crawford, Director of Workplace Fairness for the National Partnership for Women and Families.

Mississippian Lynn Bryant has released her second book, Alligator Lake. Both Alligator Lake and her previous effort, Catfish Alley, are set in Mississippi. In this week's Book Club, Bryant talks about the fictionalized Mississippi where her books are set.

Adalius Thomas is a former Southern Miss football standout who went on to NFL stardom with the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots. This week he's at his Alma Mater in Hattiesburg, helping kids to "Sack Obesity."  More information is available at Adalius's website:

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