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Tuesday, April 17: Abortion Law Changes

Air date 04/17/12

Mississippi's only abortion clinic will soon face new regulations that some believe could cause the facility to close. Governor Phil Bryant signed a new law that he sees as a step toward ending abortions in Mississippi. Governor Bryant spoke at a ceremony yesterday.  Shelly Abrams is the Executive Director of the Jackson Women's Health Organization, Mississippi's only abortion clinic. She says she isn't sure how the new law will affect her organization.

Then, after a two-day reprieve, tax day is finally here. Many Mississippians have already filed, and perhaps long-since spent their 20-11 return. But for those who haven't, we're joined by Dee Harris-Stepter of the IRS. Dee tells us it's time to get your accountant on the line.

Finally, in June of 20-10, Pascagoula resident Katy Blake was swimming with friends in Hattiesburg. After attempting to dive in shallow water, Blake broke her neck and fractured her vertebrae in an accident that left her paralyzed from the neck down. Since we first spoke to Katy last year, she has been working to raise money so she can get the rehabilitation services she needs to make as full a recovery as she can. She joins us and tells MPB's Ezra Wall how she's progressed in the last year.

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