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Feb. 23: Poverty Tour Recalled

Air date 02/23/12

Opponents to immigration reform are hoping to send a strong message to lawmakers. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how many believe, if passed, the legislation would lead to profiling and force Hispanics leave Mississippi.

Then, Marian Wright Edelman was a civil rights lawyer in Mississippi who led Senator Robert F. Kennedy on a historic trip to the Mississippi Delta in the spring of 1967. Kennedy toured Greenville, Cleveland, Mound Bayou and Clarksdale to investigate charges of hunger and poverty first hand and was shocked by what he found.  Kennedy's trip changed the way America looked at poverty and as a result welfare programs and a social net began to develop to catch the poorest of the poor. MPB's Sandra Knispel spoke to Wright Edelman during a visit to the University of Mississippi.

Also, for 23 years the Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration has highlighted Mississippi's culture through literature and film. This year's theme is Legends, Lore and Literature: Storytelling in the South. Carolyn Vance Smith joins us now, and says this year's conference is not to be missed.

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