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Friday, Dec. 21: Fiscal Cliff

Air date 12/21/12

1 - Mississippi's Republican congressmen are calling for the extension of nearly all the current tax rates as part of a deal to avert a set of automatic spending cuts and tax hikes known as the fiscal cliff.  Our Jeffrey Hess spoke with third district congressman Gregg Harper about what the Fiscal Cliff could mean for Mississippi.

2 - One week ago today, a lone gunman entered a Connecticut grade school by force. 26 people plus the shooter died in the now-infamous massacre. The gunman's mother had already been killed at her home. Dr. Mardi Allen is a Psychologist with the Mississippi Department of Mental Health. She tells MPB's Ezra Wall how traumatic events can affect people profoundly, even though they happen many miles away.
Then, at Jackson State University this week, the student drama group Mad Drama performed a tribute to the victims of last week's shooting. Here are a few minutes from that dramatic homage.
3 - Film critic Anita Modak-Truran talks about the new Seth Rogen/Barbara Streisand flick, "Guilt Trip."

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