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Thursday, 12/19

Air date 12/19/13
Segment 1:
Over 360-thousand dollars is headed to Mississippi schools to make lunch programs healthier for kids.  The grant from the US Department of Agriculture will help schools buy more modern kitchen equipment, including convection ovens instead of fryers, and cooling tables for salad bars.  Kevin Concannon is USDA Undersecretary for Food and Nutrition.  He spoke with our Ezra Wall about the grant.
Segment 2:
Mississippians are again expressing their views on how millions of post-BP oil spill restoration dollars should be spent. The state has four projects totaling $70 million.  The proposal is in the third phase of early restoration under the Natural Resources Damage Assessment.  Our Evelina Burnett spoke with Trudy Fisher about the proposals.  Fisher is head of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.
Officials with the Mississippi Department of Health are receiving reports of serious flu complications in young adults including some deaths.  State Epidemiologist, Dr. Thomas Dobbs says so far this year the only type of flu identified in Mississippi is the 2009 influenza A H1N1 strain.   The good news, he says is that this year's flu vaccination includes coverage for this particular strain.  
Segment 3:
Throughout the world, food and culture are inseparable.  Seldom is that more true than in the Mississippi Delta, the stomping grounds of food writer Susan Puckett in her book, "Eat, Drink, Delta."  In our last Book Club before the new year, Puckett talks with us about some Delta holiday food traditions.  I started by asking her what food is most identifiable with the Mississippi Delta.  She didn't even pause before answering.

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