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Friday, 12/13

Air date 12/13/13
Segment 1:
High rates of obesity and diabetes continue to make Mississippi the most unhealthy state in the country. The United Health Foundation has released an annual report analyzing the overall health of Americans by state.  The study found that more than 770,000 Mississippians are obese and nearly 12.5% of residents have been diagnosed with diabetes. Doctor Reed Tuckson is one of the authors of the report.
Critics of the Common Core education standards are calling on Mississippi law-makers to repeal the implementation of the program. MPB's Paul Boger reports some believe the test-based initiative does not work.
Segment 2:
Enrollment in new health insurance plans on the health insurance exchange is off to a slow start In Mississippi. Just over 800 people in the state have fully enrolled as of the end of last month.  One of those people is Chrissy Valentine.  The single mother works one full-time job as a legal assistant, and part-time as an artist.  She shared her story with MPB's Jeffrey Hess.
Segment 3:
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Anita Modak-Truran joins us for a preview of some winter time movie offerings.

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