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Mon, Dec. 10th: Liquor Vote

Air date 12/10/12

1 - Tomorrow voters un the north Mississippi town of Corinth will go to the polls in a special election. The vote will decide whether or not liquor sales will be allowed in that city. To get the measure to a special election, 20% of the city's registered voters - around 2,400  -  had to sign a petition. The mayor and other city leaders have declined to discuss any possible new regulations before Tuesday's special election. Mayor Tommy Irwin told MPB News that a campaign promise to let the voters decide the issue on their own keeps him from commenting on it publicly.
In opposition to the measure are the United Drys of Alcorn County, a group headed by local youth pastor Terry Smith. Smith tells MPB's Ezra Wall why his group opposes alcohol in Corinth.

2 - Everyday Technology - In case you didn't remember, is the website Ashley mentioned in this week's segment. Enjoy!

3 - In the late 1950s and early '60s, the Mississippi State Bulldogs dominated the world of SEC Basketball. Yet prior to 1963 they were absent from NCAA tournaments, not allowed to play integrated teams. In his new book, "Champions for Change," author Kyle Veasey writes about how the Bulldogs, their coach and others built up the courage to defy the state's racist unwritten laws.  Veazey starts by talking about State's rise to basketball prominence.

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