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Fri, Dec. 7th: Teen Obesity

Air date 12/07/12

1 - Mississippi’s obesity rate in high school students has dropped by 12.7%. That means, instead of ranking number one in the country, Mississippi's teens rank fifth in obesity. Dr. Mary Currier is the State Health Officer. She tells MPB's Ezra Wall the teen obesity rate has not gone down in a long time.

2 - Mississippi has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation..a problem that costs the state more than $150-million each year. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports, a push by the state is encouraging Mississippi teens to make healthy decisions.
Supporters of more comprehensive sex education gathered in Jackson yesterday, where our Jeffrey Hess spoke to high school student, Kameisha Smith. Smith says teens need all the facts, and shouldn't just be told not to have sex.

3 - We heard earlier about the decline in Mississippi's teen obesity rate. One Mississippian committed to fighting obesity in Mississippi is fitness coach Paul Lacoste. This January, state legislators will once again participate in his Fit 4 Change program. Coastal residents will also have the chance to work with Coach Paul in the new Fit 4 the Coast program. Lacoste talked to us about fitness, his signature boot camp programs, and how his commitment to health saved him from a near-death battle with West Nile Virus.

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