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Wednesday, 12/4

Air date 12/04/13
Segment 1:
Mississippians are remembering former Gov. Bill Allain, who died earlier this week.  Allain's predecessor, Governor William Winter, spoke fondly of his late friend.
Gov. Allain famously appointed Mississippi's first African-American Supreme Court Justice, Reuben Anderson.  Both men spoke with MPB's Paul Boger.
The Mississippi Joint Legislative budget committee is recommending a 5-point-8-billion dollar budget for the next fiscal year. M-P-B's Jeffrey Hess reports the recommendation has some similarities but also some key differences with a budget proposal recently released by Governor Phil Bryant.
Segment 2:
Since 1977 Bob Davidson has been a lawyer working behind the scenes at the State Capitol Building.  For the last 20 of those years he has served as Director of Legislative Services in the Senate.  He has played a key role in drafting important legislation for the State, but is visiting with us in his role as chief cheerleader and music-provider for the Capitol's upcoming Candlelight Tours.  Davidson talked with us about the festivities, and about his role in State Government.
Segment 3:
This weekend the Mississippi High School Activities Association will hold their annual Gridiron Classic, where all 6 divisions will crown a State Champion.  Russ Robinson is the longtime host of Friday Night Under the Lights on MPB Think Radio.  He joins us to talk about the games.

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