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Wed, Nov. 28: Welfare Fraud

Air date 11/28/12

1 - Welfare fraud is a frequent concern raised by some Mississippians worried about how their tax dollars are being spent. But who is minding the store, so-to-speak, when it comes to investigating that abuse? Kenneth Palmer and Frank Saddler are with the Mississippi Department of Human Services. Palmer is director of Fraud Investigation, and Saddler is Director of Special Investigations. In recent months their investigations have resulted in recovering over $150,000 in funds stolen from the SNAP, or food stamps, and TANF, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, programs. We start with Frank Saddler, who talks about how the investigations work.

2 - The future of Mississippi's economy may be in the hands of people thousands of miles away.  At an economic outlook conference in Jackson yesterday, IHS global insight economist Greg Daco says while the state and national economy is growing, it could be susceptible to big shocks if other economy's like Europe or China falter. He spoke with MPB's Jeffrey Hess.

3 - Failing schools can flounder for years. But occasionally a school will buck the trend and turn things around.  Today, in part three of our Southern Education Desk series on “Turnaround Schools”, MPB's Annie Gilbertson reports from the Mississippi Delta.  There a former failing magnet school has now made the biggest gains in test scores of any school in the state.

4 - The MHSAA Football championships will be held this Friday and Saturday in Jackson. Today MPB's Jay White talks to Ezra Wall about the FIRST day of competition, starting with the 1-A game.

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