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Tuesday, 11/26

Air date 11/26/13
Segment 1:
The G.V. Sonny Montgomery VA Medical Center in Jackson has been under the microscope again in the last few weeks.  Testimony offered before a Congressional committee by VA employees accused the center of nepotism, privacy concerns and other issues.  Joe Battle has been director of the Center for over a year.  He visited our studios to answer some of the concerns, and talk about the future of the Sonny Montgomery VA.
Segment 2:
As Diabetes Awareness Month concludes, we'll hear the story of the Reed Family.  Jack Reed Junior is the former mayor of Tupelo. His son, also named Jack, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes over 15 years ago.  Reed talked to us about how that diagnosis changed his family.
Segment 3:
With Thanksgiving just days away, we wanted to get some healthy ideas for cooking a memorable meal with lots of flavor - and no guilt.  Of course we turned to Chef Rob Stinson of MPB's Fit To Eat.  He spoke with our Ezra Wall.

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