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Monday, 11/25

Air date 11/25/13
Segment 1:
The US Senate has changed a key rule that will make it easier for Presidents to get more of their nominees approved.  The new rule requires only a simple majority to bring most nominations to a vote - with the exception of Supreme Court Justice nominees.   Republican Senator Roger Wicker is not in favor of the new rule.  He spoke with MPB's Ezra Wall.
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Segment 3:
Less than 2 months from now, State Legislators will begin debating education funding and other issues for the next fiscal year.  Mississippi's adequate education funding formula has only been fully funded one time in the past.  Given that track record, national education leaders say the State can do much better.  Becky Pringle is Secretary Treasurer of the National Education Association.  The Pennsylvania School Teacher spoke with MPB's Jeffrey Hess.
Thousands of Mississippians are hitting the road or flying to a Thanksgiving vacation this week but the recent government shut down and concerns over health care reform could be causing fewer Mississippians to travel this holiday. The travel monitoring firm AAA is expecting a decline to total holiday travelers this year, with 43,000,000 people expected to hit the road or fly.  Michael Wright with AAA says economic factors appear to be discouraging people from traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday.  The Jackson Municipal Airport Authority says several thousand Mississippians will fly out each day throughout the week.  December first - the day many people will return home - could be one of the heaviest travel days.

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