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Tue, Nov. 20: Holiday Travel

Air date 11/20/12

1 - More Mississippians will hit the road or hop on a plane this year for the Thanksgiving holiday but the numbers are not dramatically up. Bonnie Wilson with the Jackson-Evers International Airport says 2-thousand more people will pass through the airport over the seven day Thanksgiving holiday, which is in line with growth in other parts of the year.
Mike Wright is with the travel organization Triple-A. He tells MPB's Jeffrey Hess the total number of Thanksgiving travelers will be up, but only by a little bit.

2 - Fire departments across the state are pleading with the public to be mindful of cooking risks during this holiday season. Officials say Thanksgiving is the leading day for home cooking fires. Last year more than 100 thousand such fires were reported nationwide. Josh Swales is the Deputy Fire Chief at the Reservoir Fire Department in Rankin County, and an officer of the Mississippi Firefighters Association. He tells MPB's Lawayne Childrey why Holiday cooks need to be careful.

3 - In Mississippi there are some 500 children available for adoption through the State Department of Human Services. While some of those are already living with potential adoptive families, many others are facing another holiday season without a permanent home. Margie Shelton is with the Department of Human Services. She says some circumstances make it tough to find homes for some kids.

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