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Tue, Nov. 13: Ins. Exchange

Air date 11/13/12

1 - Mississippi has until the end of this week to tell the federal government if it will be able to operate an insurance market place known as an exchange.  Exchanges are part of the health care reform law. They act as online market places for individuals and businesses to shop and compare insurance plans.  Insurance commission Mike Chaney says Mississippi has been working on its exchange for months and will respond to the Federal requirement on time. He spoke with MPB's Jeffrey Hess.

2  - Following last week's post-election protests, students at the University of Mississippi have released a statement condemning the events. Administrators and faculty have also spoken out forcefully on this program and others against those and any other racist activities. Now, Ole Miss is looking for ways to address the racial and political rift exposed by last week's hateful outbursts. MPB's Sandra Knispel spoke with Susan Glisson, director of the University's William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation, about the recent events and what needs to be done next.

3 - Whenever people visit Mississippi, they go away - for better or worse - telling people about our unique culture. Three young filmmakers - Greg Gandy, Vincent Chaney and Lauren Cioffi  - have spent the last several months exploring many of the groups who make up that culture. They're working on a film called SubSippi, which is an exploration of Mississippi's many sub-cultures. They joined us to talk about what they've filmed since we first visited with them. Gandy talked about the project's beginnings.

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