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Veterans Day

Air date 11/11/13
Segment 1:
Dr. Robert H. Foglesong is known in Mississippi as the former President of Mississippi State University.  Prior to taking the helm for 2 years at State, General "Doc" Foglesong - as he is known - served 34 years in the United States Air Force.  Now he leads the American side of a joint commission to recover Cold War-era  POW's and MIA's.  Foglesong spoke to MPB's Ezra Wall about his work with the commission.
Segment 2:
More advice on taking good pics with your cell phone.
Segment 3:
Veterans across Mississippi are being honored today for their valor, courage and sacrifice.  During a  veterans appreciation ceremony  at the Sonny Montgomery Medical Center in Jackson, several new members were inducted into that VA Hospital's Wall of Honor.  We'll hear from two of them today.
First - Major General Wayne Burkes.  Burkes was called to active duty for the first time in 1951.  Later, while serving in the Mississippi National Guard, he was activated by President John F. Kennedy's executive order. This time - to Ole Miss where James Meredith was enrolling as the first African-American student there.  A long time Air Force and Air National Guard pilot, General Burkes accumulated over 7,000 flying hours in eight different aircraft types.  In addition to his long military service, General Burkes served as both a representative and senator in the Mississippi State Legislature.  He spoke with MPB's Lawayne Childrey.
Next we hear from Staff Sergeant Hilliard Carter.  Carter served in the US Army in Vietnam, where he lost his arms and the use of his eyes.  He spent 23 years as the Veterans Center Coordinator in Jackson. He also spoke with our Lawayne Childrey.
Former Mississippi Department of Marine Resources director Bill Walker, his son and three others will be back in federal court on Wednesday for an arraignment hearing. MPB’s Evelina Burnett reports that they, along with four other former DMR employees, face a slew of accusations that they betrayed the public trust. 

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