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Thurs, Nov. 8: Ole Miss Upset

Air date 11/08/12

1 - In the aftermath of the presidential election Tuesday night, protests broke out on the campus of the University of Mississippi. A student named Jansen, who does not want his last name used on air, is a freshman studying psychology. He was at the scene when the brawl between a group of black students and white students erupted. MPB's Sandra Knispel spoke with him.
The University has expressed embarrassment over student protests on campus Tuesday night, which saw racial slurs hurled in the aftermath of President Obama's re-election. Two students were arrested. MPB's Sandra Knispel spoke with Ole Miss chancellor Dan Jones about the events.

2 - The president's re-election also means the health care reform law will not be repealed. Part of the law allows MIssissippi to expand Medicaid to cover an additional 300,000 people.
State lawmakers will have to decide if the additional coverage and influx of federal money is worth the eventual $100-million a year cost to the state budget.
Dr. Corey Wiggins is with the Mississippi Health Advocacy Program. He spoke with MPB's Jeffrey Hess about what Medicaid expansion COULD mean for Mississippi.

3 - The GoCoast 2020 advisory board met yesterday to continue conversations about Gulf Coast oil spill recovery. Governor Phil Bryant established the board. He asked them to report to him this coming January with ideas for how possible BP Settlement money could be spent to improve the Coast.  Robbie Wilbur is with the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, one of the agencies heading up the GoCoast project. He tells MPB's Ezra Wall more about the board and its goals.

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