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Monday, November 4

Air date 11/04/13

Only a THIRD of children show up to school ready to learn. That's according to a new report released today from the Annie E. Kasey Foundation. It's called "The First Eight Years: Giving Kids a Foundation for Lifetime Success." Kasey President and CEO Dr. Patrick T. McCarthy says those early school years are an important time for the brain to develop.

A companion report - "Ready or Not" - comes from Mississippi Kids Count. Kids Count director Dr. Linda Southward joins us now with more.

In this week’s Everyday Tech, Ashley and Cherita help separate help desk FACT from FICTION.

Distracted driving is the second highest cause of traffic fatalities in Mississippi behind driving drunk.

The Mississippi Highway patrol has now launched its newest safe driving campaign: "Pay Attention or Pay a Fine."  The aim is to remind Mississippi drivers to focus on the road, and not on the other stuff around them. You might say, "But wait...texting and calling on a cell phone is LEGAL in Mississippi." And that's true...UNLESS  you're distracted by it. Trooper Tony Dunn sorts it all out for us. He is a spokesman for the highway patrol, and spoke with MPB's Paul Boger.

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