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Thurs, Nov. 1st: District 4

Air date 11/01/12

Segment 1: The election is just around the corner and both major parties are hard at work, rallying the troops and bringing their message to the people. Mississippi GOP chairman Josef Nosef says the Republican party is in good shape in Mississippi.
Ricky Cole is Chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party. He says in addition to getting out the vote, he's concerned with one major issue.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant says he thinks it would be a good idea for people in the state to voluntarily show identification when they vote next week even though it is not required by law.  Republican Bryant says he believes voter ID will help prevent election fraud.

Segment 2: As Candidates Week continues, we'll hear from three candidates for the House of Representatives seat in Mississippi's forth congressional district. First, Congressman Steven Palazzo is once again the Republican nominee for that seat. He tells MPB's Ezra Wall what his goals would be in another term.

The Democratic nominee in the forth district is Matt Moore. Mr. Moore spoke with us about why he's running.

Segment 3: It's Candidates Week on Mississippi Edition. Today we're focusing on Congressional District 4 in South Mississippi. We've heard from the incumbent, Republican Steven Palazzo, and his Democratic challenger, Matt Moore. Ron Williams is also running for the seat. Williams is a lifelong Republican, even running for that party's gubernatorial nomination last year. He talks to us about why he switched parties, and why he's running for congress.

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