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Tue, Oct. 30: District 3

Air date 10/30/12

1 - It's Candidates Week on Mississippi Edition. This week we'll bring you conversations with as many Congressional candidates as we possibly can - incumbents, major parties, third parties and independents. Today we start with Congressman Gregg Harper. The Rankin County republican is seeking his third term as congressman for the third district. Congressman Harper starts by talking about what has been a big issue for republicans this term - the new healthcare law.

Also on the 3rd district ballot is Reform Party candidate John "Luke" Pannell, whom we were not able to reach.

2 - As this year’s presidential race draws to a close members of the black church are weighing in on President Barack Obama's support of same sex marriage. It's an issue that has reportedly divided many African American churches across the country.  MPB's Lawayne Childrey  reports how it’s being received in Mississippi's Black religious community.

3 - 1962 was a tumultuous time at the University of Mississippi. But amid the chaos of integration, riots and more was a Rebel football team that accomplished the most amazing of feats: an undefeated season. The accomplishment was capped by a Sugar Bowl victory against Arkansas, and a National Championship in the Litkenhous rankings. That memorable season was the subject of an article writen by Wright Thompson, which is in turn the subject of tonight's 30 for 30 on ESPN. We're joined now by Thompson, who talks about his connection to the story.

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