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Thursday, 5/29

Air date 05/29/14
Segment 1:
A month after an EF-3 tornado cut a swath across several neighborhoods in west Tupelo, the clean-up is still very much ongoing.  Mayor Jason Shelton tells MPB's Sandra Knispel about the recovery efforts, and where progress is still needed.
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Segment 2:
Mississippians are just days away from voting in what the Washington Post has called the nastiest primary in the country. The contentious race between long-time, US Senator Thad Cochran and State Senator Chris McDaniel has been mired in name-calling and mud-slinging for months. And a recent scandal involving pictures of Cochran's bedridden wife may have changed the dynamics of the election. In part two of our ongoing election series, MPB's Paul Boger takes a look at the McDaniel campaign.
Segment 3:
When Maya Angelou passed away yesterday, we were all reminded of her prolific and eclectic life.  She was not only a writer of prose and poetry, but a stage performer, a director, even a trolley car operator.  Dr. Deborah Barnes is Associate Dean of Liberal Arts at Jackson State University.  She talks with our Ezra Wall about Maya Angelou's unique life.

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