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Wednesday, 5/21

Air date 05/21/14
Segment 1:
The state's Charter School Authorizer Board is seeking public comments on proposed charter schools in Columbus, Jackson and Natchez.  A public hearing is being held this evening in Jackson where charter school board members will  hear a summary by  the group applying to create a charter school in the area.  A similar hearing will be held tomorrow in Natchez.  A hearing was held last night in Columbus.  Board Chairman Tommie Cardin tells MPB's Ezra Wall a bit more about the process of starting a charter school in Mississippi.
For more information, or to submit a comment online, visit
Segment 2:
A Hinds County judge has ruled that former Southaven Mayor Greg Davis must repay $73,000 for misusing city funds for trips, expensive dinners and clothing. Hinds County Chancery Judge Dewayne Thomas ruled Tuesday that Davis is liable for the full amount sought by the state auditor Stacey Pickering, who says Davis used public money for personal gain.  Pickering talks with MPB's Jeffrey Hess.
In other news:
The medical treatment of Mississippi's veterans is back in the spotlight as reports of widespread mismanagement of the nation's V-A hospitals develops. M-P-B's Jeffrey Hess reports the number of hospitals under fire is growing.
Segment 3:
Southern Remedy Health Minute: Balding
Segment 4:
According to some, Mississippi might as well be the Poultry Capital of the south. But some of the state's smaller chicken producers could see their income cut severely.  That's  because a new regulation from the Mississippi Department of Agriculture says those farmers are not allowed to sell their products off-site.  That is, they can't take their birds to farmers markets or local farm shares.  Alison Buehler is co-founder of Gaining Ground Sustainability Institute of Mississippi. She says knowing exactly where food comes from is important to many Mississippians.
The petition Alison mentioned is located HERE.

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