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Monday, 5/19

Air date 05/19/14
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Mississippi teachers could see a change in the way they are evaluated next school year. The state board of education has approved a measure that would grant school administrators more leeway in how much time they spend monitoring classroom instruction. Under the old evaluations, school administrators were expected to spend a pre-determined amount of time visiting each classroom during the evaluation period. The new system allows administrators to spend less time with certain teachers, allowing them more time to focus on teachers who are more likely to need individual attention.  Cerissa Neal is with the Department of Education.  She talks with MPB's Paul Boger.
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The number of Mississippians who are homeless declined slightly this year - around 7 percent. Mary Simons is executive director of the Open Doors Homeless Coalition, which conducts the survey on the Gulf Coast. She says there's been a decline in homelessness in many places because there's additional funding now to help people who are at risk of becoming homeless.  Simmons spoke with MPB's Evelina Burnett.
The Partnership to End Homelessness conducts the survey in the five counties surrounding Jackson. Homelessness increased 11 percent this year in that area.  In the 71 counties outside of Jackson and the Gulf coast, homelessness fell 9 percent. All together, the results show more than 2,200 Mississippians were homeless this year during the survey. 

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