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Tuesday, 5/14

Air date 05/13/14
Segment 1:
The US Small Business Administration is offering low interest loans to homeowners, renters and business owners who suffered loss or damage from the April 28th tornados.  The assistance is available to those in any of the 12 Federally-declared disaster counties.  Joining us with more are Mary Gipson and Adrianne Laneave of the SBA.  Laneave starts by offering some of the basic details.
Segment 2:
The nation's largest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender organization is launching a campaign to expand LGBT offices in the South.  The Human Rights Campaign has kicked off a three day tour  traveling to Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas. The organization's president Chad Griffin says they are spending $8.5 million to set up offices in each state  because they lack nondiscrimination protections for LGBT residents in the areas of employment and housing.  Griffin joins us to talk about the new initiative, Project One America.
Segment 3:
James Everett Dutschke is the karate instructor from Tupelo who became infamous for sending ricin-laced letters to President Barack Obama, Senator Roger Wicker and local Judge Sadie Holland.  Well he's back in court in less than an hour to be sentenced for those crimes. Dutschke pleaded guilty to concocting the ricin scheme in order to frame a personal rival - celebrity impersonator Kevin Curtis from Corinth. Dutschke now faces a possible 25 year sentence. Melanie Addington is a former Oxford newspaper reporter who covered the story. She's now working on a documentary about the events called "I Didn't Do It."  MPB's Sandra Knispel spoke with Addington about the story.
For more information on the project, visit the IndieGoGo page for "I Didn't Do It."

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