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Monday, 5/12

Air date 05/12/14
Segment 1:
Residents of Winston County are remembering those who lost their lives during last months deadly tornadoes. Nearly 500 residents of Lousiville crowded into the local high school's auditorium Sunday to pay their last respects to those who died during the April 28th storm. As the names of victims were read, family members got up and received a flower and a proclamation honoring those that died.
We hear from Pat Tucker, who lost family in the tornado; Louisville Mayor Will Hill; MEMA Director Robert Latham
Scores of students and faculty members at the University of Mississippi were wearing stickers in support of the gay and lesbian community at the graduation ceremony on Saturday, where Governor Phil Bryant was the commencement speaker. It was a silent opposition to Mississippi's Religious Freedom Restoration Act takes effect in July. Critics charge the act could possibly allow businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians. Matthew Hall is a law professor and the senior associate dean at the University's school of law. He told MPB's Sandra Knispel that the new law is primarily symbolic.
You can also hear Matthew Hall most weeks as co-host of MPB's In Legal Terms.  That's Tuesday mornings at 10 on MPB Think Radio.
Segment 2:
Everyday Tech: 
This week Ashley Jefcoat and guest host Ezra Wall discuss the top 5 tech stories of the week.  Make sure to check out the hourlong version of Everyday Tech this Wednesday at 10 on MPB Think Radio. 
Segment 3:
Congressman John Lewis (also great stuff on the PBS Freedom Riders 'John Lewis' page!) is a true icon of the civil rights movement.  He is one of the original freedom riders that rode interstate buses around the segregated south. He was beaten numerous times, had his skull fractured, and by his own accounting has been arrested some 40 times, yet has always adhered to the principle of non-violence. A Georgia Congressman since 1987, Lewis was the keynote speaker at the dedication of the James Meredith statue on the campus of the University of Mississippi eight years ago.  He talks with MPB's Sandra Knispel while visiting campus for the Law School graduation.

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