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Friday, 5/9

Air date 05/09/14
Segment 1:
Mississippi lawmakers are appropriating $17 million to Mississippi communities devastated by last weeks tornadoes.  MPB's Paul Boger reports the aid will assist with debris removal and clean-up efforts.
In other news today:
Increased competition and a lackluster economy have stalled Mississippi gaming revenues. MPB’s Evelina Burnett finds out what the state is doing to jump start growth again.
Segment 2:
Fifty years ago in 1964, the Freedom Summer campaign mobilized more than 1,000 students on college campuses across the nation to come to Mississippi. They worked alongside black Mississippians on advancing civil rights. The volunteers were involved in voter registration and educational programs, pitting them directly against the state’s white political leadership at the time. The summer was filled with drama, controversy, and ultimately murder. Roy de Berry from Holly Springs was a high school student at the time who became a young civil rights activist. He spoke with MPB's Sandra Knispel about his experience as an African-American teen in Jim Crow Mississippi.
Segment 3:
Eden Brent is a proud product of the Mississippi Delta.  She comes from a musical family, and was famously mentored by pianist and singer Boogaloo Ames (video of Boogaloo).  Her newest collection of music comes out this week - an album called "Jigsaw Heart."  Eden Brent visited our studios to tell us a bit about her life, her music, and her new record.
Eden Brent's new record is available at all the usual places, and you can find more information at her website:

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