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Thursday, 5/8

Air date 05/08/14
Segment 1:
Mississippi lawmakers will be back at the state Capitol today to help provide assistance to those affected by last week's deadly tornadoes MPB's Paul Boger reports on the continuing recovery efforts around the state.
This week marks ten years since an overhaul of Mississippi's civil justice system that capped certain damages people can win as part of a lawsuit.  But has tort reform had the intended effect?  Our Jeffrey Hess asked people on both sides of the issue.  Charlie Ross was chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee ten years ago.  He joins current representative Jeff Smith in talking with Jeffrey Hess. 
On the other side of the issue is Rep. David Baria, who also spoke with Jeffrey Hess.
Segment 2:
As we've heard throughout the week, rates of HIV and AIDS in Mississippi are among the highest in the country.  And those patients faced with that lifelong diagnosis often face discrimination in housing, difficulty navigating the healthcare system and other challenges.  Joining us with more is Courtney Choi, an attorney with the Mississippi Center for Justice.
Segment 3:
MPB TV has spread the healthy eating message through its popular cooking show, "Fit to Eat" hosted by Gulf Coast chef Rob Stinson.  New to the show this year is nutritionist Rebecca Turner.  Turner says good health is about more than just taking vitamins.  She joins us to talk about her work getting Mississippians to change their health by eating better.

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