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Wednesday, 4/30

Air date 04/30/14
Segment 1 (over intro music fade-out):
The National Weather Service's Jackson office says three teams will spend today surveying storm damage in 10 Mississippi counties following two days of devastating storms.  Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney surveyed damage in north Mississippi yesterday.  That's where we found him when he offered post-storm advice to homeowners filing insurance claims.
Segment 2:
MPB’s Sandra Knispel spent the day in Tupelo where on Monday afternoon a tornado damaged some 200 residences, several churches, and 28 businesses. She files a report.
Plus, at least 12 people have died throughout the state as a result of the storms; nine of those deaths occurring in Winston County. The storm also caused heavy damage to the area's medical center as well as destroying dozens of homes and businesses.  MPB's Paul Boger spoke with several Louisville homeowners.
Then, dozens of families in Central Mississippi's Brandon and Pearl communities are also trying to repair their lives. MPB's Lawayne Childrey reports how this weeks  rash of violent storms impacted that area.

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