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Tuesday, 4/22

Air date 04/22/14
Segment 1:
60 additional state troopers will soon be patrolling Mississippi's roadways. Governor Phil Bryant has signed into law a bill that would appropriate $6.9 million to the Mississippi Highway Patrol for a new trooper school. He says the funding is critical to keeping Mississippians safe.
Public Safety commissioner Albert Santa Cruz was also on hand.  Afterward he spoke about the need for more troopers on Mississippi's interstates and highways.
Segment 2:
Today voters in the capital city will choose between City Council member Tony Yarber and attorney Chokwe Antar Lumumba for mayor.   Lumumba is the son of the late mayor, Chokwe Lumumba.  Yarber is serving his second term on the city council.   They were the top vote-getters in a field of 13 candidates in the first round of balloting on April 8th.  The election caught the attention of filmmakers Maryann Deleo and Isabel Vega.  They, along with Maryann's brother Dominic Deleo are working on a documentary about the race.  Maryann Deleo starts by talking about how she - an Oscar-winner - became interested in a municipal election here in Mississippi.
For more information on the project, look for "The People Will Decide" on IndieGoGo. 
Segment 3:
Business in Mississippi are now posting blue stickers in their windows that read "We don't discriminate.  If you're buying, we're selling."  The stickers are in response to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which passed by the state legislature this year that some say could lead to the legal discrimination of gay people.  The blue stickers are the idea of Mitchell Moore, a baker in Jackson, who says discriminating against potential costumers is bad for business.
Eddie Outlaw is owner of an upscale salon and a barber shop in Jackson's Fondren neighborhood.  Our Jeffrey Hess caught up with him outside his busy shop.

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