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Tuesday, 4/15

Air date 04/15/14
Segment 1:
Today is the deadline for Mississippians to file Federal and State income tax returns, and to pay any money they might owe.  Joining us with some last-minute information is Mark Green of the IRS.
Segment 2:
Pinks Dudley of Starkville has spent much of her life giving to the causes that she supports, including nearly 30 years to the Starkville Habitat for Humanity.  At a presentation yesterday she was honored in the Lifetime Achievement category at the GIVE Awards.  Our Jeffrey Hess talks with Dudley about her life as a volunteer, and her award.
Segment 3:
Each year, students at the Greenwood School in Putney, Vermont memorize Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.  The exercise caught the attention of famed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, who made it the subject of his latest project, The Address.  Burns joins us now to talk about the new film.
To see the growing number of notable Mississippians who have recited the Gettysburg Address, click here.

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