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Friday, 4/4

Air date 04/04/14
Segment 1:
Mississippi voters may get the opportunity to decide whether the state should fully pay for its public school system. A newly formed organization has filed a measure with the Secretary of State's Office to add a proposed amendment to next year's ballot that would make funding the MAEP a constitutional mandate. Patsy Brumfield is with Better Education Equals Better Jobs.  She speaks with MPB's Paul Boger about the new initiative.
Segment 2:
David L. Jordan has been in the Mississippi Senate since 1993, and on the Greenwood City Council for several years before that.  Earlier this week, Senator Jordan talked about growing up in Greenwood in the 1930s.  As he tells MPB's Ezra Wall, that's when he was first motivated to enter public service.  A word to parents listening with kids: The Senator tells his story frankly, including examples of the language used against him.
Segment 3:
Of all the money the federal government spends on cancer research, only four percent goes to studying pediatric cancer.  That statistic doesn't sit well with Rabbi Debra Kassoff of Jackson.  She and her colleague, Rabbi Matthew Dreffin, traveled to Chicago recently to participate in an event called "36 Rabbis Shave for the Brave."  36 turned into over 70 by the time all was said and done, and Rabbi Kassoff returned to Mississippi, visiting our studio with a button that reads, "Ask me why I'm Bald."  We asked her why she and Rabbi Dreffin got involved in the project.
To see how Rabbi Kassoff's fundraising efforts are progressing, you can visit her page on the St. Baldric's website:
Make sure to check out Rabbi Kassoff's before/after photos below!
Before we leave you:
Now that the three month legislative session is over, Mississippians can expect big changes in the coming months. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports on some of the changes coming to the state as a result of the session.


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