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Thursday, 4/3

Air date 04/03/14
Segment 1:
The Mississippi legislative session is finished, a few days earlier than scheduled.  Before it ended, lawmakers revived the budget for the Department of Transportation.  Legislators used the waning hours of the session to hammer out a compromise plan that would spend up to an additional 32-million on roads and bridges, as long as revenue continues to grow.  Joining us with a wrap-up on this year's session is MPB's Capitol Reporter, Jeffrey Hess.
Segment 2:
The majority of new HIV/AIDS cases in Mississippi are found in African-Americans, according to Brown University researcher, Dr. Amy Nunn.  She says one of the keys to gaining ground against the disease lies with the Power of the Pulpit.  Nunn is joining a group of Mississippi pastors today in the capitol city to talk about why AIDS is an important issue for their congregations to face.  She spoke with MPB's Ezra Wall.
Segment 3:
The Laramie Project is a play about how the small town of Laramie, Wyoming came to grips with the beating and death of Matthew Sheppard in 1998.  A similar production at the University of Mississippi was interrupted by hecklers last year.  Now, noted actor and director John Maxwell and his Fish Tale Group Theatre are doing a series of 12 performances at historic Galloway United Methodist Church in downtown Jackson.  Director Maxwell and one of his actors, Keri Sanders, talk to us about the production.
Segment 4:
Author Diane Williams has been telling stories for decades.  Often she performs monologs or with supporting artists.  She also uses Fiber Arts to tell her stories.  This time, she's put them in a book called "Mississippi Folk and the Stories They Tell:  Myths, Legends and Bald-Faced Lies."  Williams tells MPB's Ezra Wall about the new collection.

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