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Wednesday, 4/2

Air date 04/02/14
Segment 1:
Mississippi lawmakers have passed the final version of a bill that says state and local governments cannot put a substantial burden on religious practices. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports lawmakers spoke passionately for and against the bill.
Campaigns are being launched across the state to bring awareness to the ongoing problems of sexual assault, child abuse and other acts of domestic violence.  Statistics show that out of every 100 rapes in Mississippi only about 12 lead to an arrest because many victims are afraid to report it.  At an awareness event in Jackson yesterday, MPB's Lawayne Children heard from one rape survivor who says she does not regret what has happened to her.
Segment 2:
Fifty-five percent of Mississippians live in areas served by rural hospitals, according to a new report from the State Auditor's office.  The report evaluates the financial health of those hospitals, rating which facilities are doing well, and which could be facing harder times.  State Auditor Stacey Pickering joins us now to outline his findings.
Segment 3:
David L. Jordan is a longtime State Senator and Greenwood City Councilman. In  his new book he chronicles his life in politics, and growing up in the 1930s Mississippi Delta.  In part one of our conversation, Senator Jordan tells MPB's Ezra Wall about his early life, knowing the killer of Medgar Evers, and witnessing the trial after Emmett Till's murder.
The book is called "David L. Jordan: From the Mississippi Cotton Fields to the State Senate."  We'll hear more of Senator Jordan's moving personal story this Friday.

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