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Monday, 3/31

Air date 03/31/14
Segment 1:
The federal health care website is stumbling on deadline day for sign-ups. Visitors to this morning have been getting messages that the site is down for maintenance. Some visitors have been directed to a virtual waiting room. An administration spokesman says the website undergoes regular nightly maintenance during off-peak hours.  Senator Roger Wicker says thought the website is working better overall, he still sees problems with Obamacare.
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Everyday Tech
Segment 3:
More than 14 percent of Americans have trouble keeping food on the table according to the USDA.  That number is much higher in Mississippi.  We've talked many times with food service organizations working to feed Mississippi's poor.  But one organization serving over a dozen counties in North Mississippi is actually from Tennessee.  Andrew Bell is with the Memphis-based Mid-South Food Bank.  He joins us to talk about his organization's work in our state, and about a Mobile Food Pantry today in Quitman County.

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